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Ann Massing

My name is Ann Massing. Welcome and thank you for coming to my website. 


Born a Hoosier and raised in Illinois USA, I now live and work in Cambridge UK.  I have a studio at St Barnabas Press where I can show the full range of my work by appointment. 


My preferred media are East Asian ink and watercolour painting and printmaking.

Most of my work is inspired by the natural world and our relationship to it. 

Chinese brush painting, or ink painting, also known in Japan as sumi-e, is an expression or reflection of the painter's personality through a unique art form that has been practiced for over 1,000 years. I have been painting in this style since shortly after a trip to China in 1986.


I also make prints; I have become captivated by the techniques involved and their possibilities for self-expression. 

If you wish to make an enquiry, offer a comment or to get in touch about any aspect of this website and its contents including work for sale, techniques, methods and materials or if you would like any additional information about exhibitions etc.

please contact me: 


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Amaryllis opening to the new year
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