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The paintings and prints displayed here in the Gallery are for sale unless otherwise noted.

The images are painted or printed onto Oriental paper then wet mounted onto card or paper; some are framed.
Prices range from c. £200-£500 for the smaller images and c. £ 500-1,000 for the larger, depending also if the picture is mounted and framed. Please contact me for precise details. Post and packing are not included but can be arranged.

The most popular subjects in East Asian painting range from flowers, fruit and vegetables, birds, insects, animals, fish to landscapes. It is obvious that the traditional East Asian painters saw themselves as a part of nature and loved the most humble things in the natural world.

My choice of subject matter is eclectic and there is much overlap in the categories, but love of the natural world remains the primary theme.


Nature up Close: Birds and Animals, Plants and Flowers

Flowers 2