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The print methods I am currently working with are often intaglio – especially aquatint and sugar lift – painterly methods where my skills in watercolour painting can be used. The two prints below began as a two-plate print. I wasn't satisfied with the result and began working on each plate separately; the final result, as you can see, is very different.

With the sugar lift technique, I sometimes use a Chinese brush to paint the image - as the water-soluble sugar solution does not harm the brush, thus combining elements of Eastern and Western artistic traditions in this printmaking technique

Mountains are always inspirational. The two images below are aquatints inspired by a recent trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The sea figures in many of my prints as well as my watercolours.

Portraying the fluidity of water in all its varied moods is not an easy task in any medium!

The images below are not always representational of a specific place and could be anywhere the viewer would like them to be.

The various techniques of printmking are such fun to try.

Below are a few images from some of the other printmaking techniques I have experimented with.